Who’s The Wolfman

  • Andy  is the owner of a professional sports handicapping and sports information firm. His company is responsible for beating the Las Vegas sports books, offshore casinos and local bookies across the country since 1991. The success of his company comes from getting the best quality sports information and having a rating system that enables an effective money management.
  • Andy’s  goal as a company is to make his client’s money and provide a professional customer service atmosphere that attracts a more business minded client. He wants his clients to treat sports gambling as a business investment and for them to take the same approach with their money as if they were to open a stock portfolio or start a small business venture. Every line that is set by the Las Vegas odds makers is a potential investment that carries with it a risk verses reward ratio. The ability to get information that is not public or privy to the Odds makers creates an edge for the better.
  • On a day to day basis our firm is invested in getting information that will give our players that edge. In addition, our experts scrutinize the validity of the information and our players are told how much to bet based upon the amount of risk that the game has.
  • Every game has risk! What makes our company stand out amongst the other handicapping firms is that we do not advertise that we have one hundred percent information. Such claims made by touts are false and reflect a dishonest company. So when prospective clients view our website or speak to our agents they understand that we are being realistic about our approach and that we will handle their money with the respect of knowing the risk at hand. In turn we get a response from a sophisticated, intelligent type of player that is not looking for miracles or to get rich quick.
  • After developing relationships and creating legitimate track records, our clients become more in-tune to the type of return that they get off their investment; committing even more money financially to gain greater profits. It takes time and patience in order to succeed on this level and requires the player to be extremely disciplined.
  • When a prospective client inquires or pays our company, we treat them as if they were already a six figure client, because a large percentage of them will become such a client. To be a part of the Andy  each employee must have the best qualities including honesty and integrity. Win or lose, our executives are on the phone daily with each client; they guarantee the pursuit of financial profits in sports wagering.